wrestling with the Word


It has been a little quiet here the last few weeks. I have been busy doing the editing on a book of sermons, and it has just come out! It is published by Parson’s Porch Press, and is available on-line at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You are also order directly from Parson’s Porch (https://www.parsonsporch.com/presbyterian-books/wrestling-with-the-word-thomas-murray-richmond-iii).

They did a wonderful job with the printing. It has taken up the bulk of my spare time these last few weeks. I’m sorry for the drop off in posts on here.

It was an interesting experience. You might think a book of sermons would be pretty easy, but I had to choose which ones I wanted to include, and then edit them for book form. The editing took the better part of four weeks!

Thanks to the Redhead, my wonderful wife, for supporting me in all this, and to Jaye Wheeler, who helped me edit.

If you want a signed version of the book, you can message me here on at my author page The Still Point (https://www.facebook.com/thestillpoint3/) and I will be glad to send you an autographed copy. The cost is $18.95, and you can paypal me the money.

Thanks for reading. More posts to come!

About tmrichmond3

I am the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Medford, Oregon. I believe that faith should be able to sustain us, not oppress us.
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