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The Zen of Barbecue

Although I have been eating it as long as I can remember, I did not hear the words “pulled pork” until I was 44 years old and living in Alaska. To me it was always and only barbecue. Put it … Continue reading

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Finding the Calm in the Storm

I love storms. Some people like sitting in front a fire, watching it burn, others like looking at kittens on the Internet…I like watching storms.   Well, to be honest, I love being inside where it is warm and comfortable watching … Continue reading

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How to Really Relax

For years I have bemoaned the passing of front porches, although until now I have never lived in a house that had a front porch of any real substance. The idea of porch sitting on a lazy, warm Saturday afternoon, … Continue reading

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Berry, Gardening, God, and the church

  The original inspiration for this sermon was Wendell Berry and Eugene Peterson. Long ago Peterson taught me a new way to read Berry. Every time he talks about farming, or agriculture, substitute in “church.” Berry writes lovingly and scathingly … Continue reading

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We are the Garden of God

  A friend of mine got a letter from the national office of one the major po****l parties last week. He is not a member of that party, and is in fact very concerned about where that party is heading. … Continue reading

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unforced rhythms

  The Preacher             The air was sultry hot, and the preacher was sweaty and tired, but still full of fire, and he was not about to stop–not until himself got a convert. We were in the assembly hall at … Continue reading

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Attacking the Good Work of God; Reflections on the Unforgivable Sin

    You heard about the man they found on a desert island? He was a strong practicing Christian, and when he showed them around the island and the life he made for himself in isolation, he made sure to … Continue reading

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Surfing Theology with Karl Barth

*********************** METAPHYSICAL WARNING: This post is an eisegetical exercise in the noetic effects of a sensus divinitatis obtained in the pursuit of hermeneutical pleroma, as mediated by a epistemological kairos from the Kirchliche Dogmatik. Extreme theological geekiness is liable to … Continue reading

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