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Evangelicals Today

I used to consider myself an Evangelical. But then came the Moral Majority, and the politicization of faith. I felt more and more uncomfortable with my colleagues, and able to say less and less about them. I watched them head … Continue reading

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A Call to Walk in the Light

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  It has been a little quiet here the last few weeks. I have been busy doing the editing on a book of sermons, and it has just come out! It is published by Parson’s Porch Press, and is available … Continue reading

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City of Dreams or Nothing New Under the Sun

William Faulkner once said, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Watching the various incidents concerning immigrants in America has driven that home. I have been reading Tyler Anbinder’s massive book, City of Dreams in my free time. It weighs in at 735 pages, … Continue reading

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Grilled Lime Chicken On A Bed of Lemons

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This is my new favorite way to grill chicken and fish! It keeps the meat so moist, it doesn’t burn, you get a great lemon flavor, the lemons smell awesome when they start getting hot, and…

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Finding the Calm in the Storm

I love storms. Some people like sitting in front a fire, watching it burn, others like looking at kittens on the Internet…I like watching storms.   Well, to be honest, I love being inside where it is warm and comfortable watching … Continue reading

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We are the Garden of God

  A friend of mine got a letter from the national office of one the major po****l parties last week. He is not a member of that party, and is in fact very concerned about where that party is heading. … Continue reading

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