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I am the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Medford, Oregon. I believe that faith should be able to sustain us, not oppress us.

What You Can Do

Have you been watching the events of this week, wondering what you can do? Here is one small, but important way you can make a difference. I saw this in an email from the journal Image. They ran a piece … Continue reading

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A Tidal Wave of Hope

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When I first saw the signs, I was a little puzzled. BLM. Why were people carrying Bureau of Land Management signs at a protest rally? Then I had the “doh” moment. Being from Alaska, I saw the initials BLM a … Continue reading

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Time to Stop Watching

  I have been thinking a lot of Tou Thao lately. He was one of the four cops involved in George Floyd’s arrest. He did not have a knee on his neck, or on his back like the three other … Continue reading

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Where is God in Minneapolis?

 One night, around 1 am, my doorbell rang. Even in the Alaskan summer, when it is still light at that time, and people tend to stay up late hours, that was unusual. I opened the door and found my son … Continue reading

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In the Belly of Corona

This is the prayer for the day, Sunday, May 24. It is loosely based on Jonah’s prayer (Jonah 2:2-9)  when he was in the belly of the Big Fish.  O God of the Deep, We call out to you Lord, … Continue reading

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The Koan of COVID

In Zen Buddhism there is a tradition where a Zen Master will pose a koan to his students to help them gain enlightenment. A koan is a question or a story designed to throw the student’s mind off balance, which … Continue reading

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