The Temptation of Jesus



There will be a loaf of bread on the table. As I talk about what we give up for Lent, I will refer to the fact that often we are most sorely tempted when we cannot have something. I may only eat pecan pie two or three times a year, and I don’t spend a lot of time wishing I had it, or even thinking about it, but if I gave it up for Lent, THEN I would start missing it! As people see the bread on the table, I will refer to that, and say, “You probably were not thinking about bread before you came into here today, but now you are as you see this loaf. Maybe you are starting to want a piece of it. But you can’t have any, not yet. Now you are tempted. That is the nature of temptation–wanting what you cannot or should not have. In this, you now share something in common with Jesus in His temptation>” 


After the service, the bread will be available for anyone who wants some. 

About tmrichmond3

I am the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Medford, Oregon. I believe that faith should be able to sustain us, not oppress us.
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1 Response to The Temptation of Jesus

  1. Marthanne G Dedrick says:

    Murrary….. thank you for putting this in such simple terms…. trust me I get it!!!

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